Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Story!

You voted.....I listened.....Here it is.....

I hope you enjoy!

And just to be mean, I'm going to leave you hanging on who the lead male is.....sorry.....sort of :p

Monday, July 5, 2010


Okay everyone, time for the poll so you can pick which story you want to read next! I just realized that I had my blog closed to anonymous posters, but I didn't want to alienate anyone out there, so I enabled it now so that people can comment anonymously. Also, please forgive the lack of an actual poll to vote on. I'm too tired right now to bother looking up how to do it. Instead, just leave a comment telling me which story you're voting for. If you know anyone who liked this story, or any of my stories, please make sure they know about this poll so they can have input on my next one! I'm going to leave the poll open until Sunday, so you have all week and the weekend! I decided to leave who the leading man in each would be out so you're simply voting on the story and not the guy. Thanks for all the support and input! Oh, and please please please, don't steal my ideas, as I might end up using them for a story later on. Here we go.....

1. She's an up and coming tennis star, who also learned how to be emotionless long ago. He gets on her nerves, just like she gets on his. Every meeting between them is volatile and ugly. Neither wants to be around the other, yet they keep ending up in the same places. Then something in her life causes her to snap, and somehow he's the only person she can rely on. When it comes to the most important decision of her life, she doesn't know whether to choose him or what she's always known.

2. When her mother dies just a year after her father she gets the biggest jolt of her life. They weren't her parents. She was kidnapped as a child. As she struggles with the emotions toiling inside her at her reunion with her real family, she meets the neighbor. It's been nearly 20 years, but the moment she looks into his eyes she feels like she's known him forever. He turns into the only person that doesn't confuse her and becomes her only confidant as she learns to readjust her life.

3. When her parents died in a car accident, it left her in charge of a little brother with a serious heart condition. She vowed to herself that everything she ever did would be to keep him healthy and give him the best life she could even if it meant sacrificing her own dreams and wishes. When he wins a competition to meet his favorite hockey team, one of the players immediately feels a connection with them, and goes out of his way to help them out. He also can't help that he's falling for her in the process.

4. She's a conservative and traditional girl who unwittingly gets caught up in a team bet. His only desire is to win the bet. As he does everything he can to win they both discover things about themselves they never knew were there. The only problem is he now has to convince her she's more than just someone who was a means to money.

5. She grew up nearly invisible, in love with him from afar. She was the awkward school nerd that he never gave the time of day. Not until the most important event in her life that he promised to be with her for. Only it was just a joke, and he broke her heart. Years later, she's no longer an awkward school nerd and she ends up in the same city with him. He can't believe who she's become and he wants a second chance. She only wants revenge.

Okay, have at it! The more votes from people, the better! Thank you so much again!